Oct 272016

We all know that Windows 10 is the most popular system after it published in last year. But there are a part of troubles about Windows 10. Below we can learn how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep.

To Fix Windows 10 Password Incorrect after sleep with Windows Password Recovery Tool

In the case that you have no idea about how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep, you can consider about Windows password reset. With the powerful software-Windows Password Recovery Tool. You can remove the incorrect password in several steps.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using the prepared CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Password Recovery Tool. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 computer that password incorrect.
Step 3: Choosing the account that you need to recover its password. Then click restart, after that rebooting your Windows 10 computer, you will find there is no password required.


Reasons to Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep

Tip 1. It goes, without saying that you must check if your password is indeed correct and then punch in it carefully. Make sure that your caps lock is not “ON”.
Tip 2. You have to remember that Windows 10 will sync PC settings, app purchases, etc. across all systems that are using the same Microsoft account password. So if you changed your password using one computer, make sure you use the new password on your other PCs too.
Tip 3. You might need to check if your keyboard has been configured to support multiple languages and check if you are using correct language. You can check its settings in the taskbar.
Tip 4. The error message offers a suggestion that you reset Windows password. So reset Microsoft account password at account.live.com and once you have reset it, use it to sign in. If you have reset the Windows Microsoft account password online, use the new password on your Win 10 PC.


Tip 5. Reset your password to one which is less that a 15 characters long and see if it works.
Tip 6. If this doesn’t help, then you have an issue, reach Microsoft support team and see if they have a solution. To prevent this from happening, you should set a PIN as an extra measure. So if you cannot login with your account password, you will be able to sign in using PIN.

After reading the whole post, have you got how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep? If not, you can try to read the post again to acquire this skill. Any other troubles about using following the guide, you can get solutions on here.


Sep 222016

Take control of a remote computer on Windows 10, this can be very useful on multiple occasions: troubleshooting, need to intervene on its own PC. But some Windows 10 users complained that they don’t know how to set up and use remote desktop on Windows 10, so here is a guide to help you out.

The Basics: Enable Remote Desktop

By default, Remote Desktop is disabled on Windows 10 for safety reasons. To enable, go to “allow remote access” under “system and security” option after enter control panel. In the open window, select the check box “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”.

Although Windows 10 Home users can modify this setting, their PC does not support the incoming RDP connections. In other words, you will not be able to connect your PC remotely, but the opposite is true. If you want to set up unattended access, you must also configure the Power Options. Go to Control Panel >> “Hardware and Sound”. Click Change settings for the plan and put the computer never to sleep.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Guide

Connecting to a Windows 10 PC

To connect to a remote Windows 10 PC, just search Remote Desktop app. This is the same as enter the IP address or the name of the PC you want to connect and click Connect in Windows 8/7.

If you frequently connect to multiple computers, you can also save their custom settings in an RDP file. After entering the domain name or IP address, simply hit Connect to start the session.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Troubleshooting

If you encounter problems using Remote Desktop on Windows, you can try some of the few things below. The most common error was found in remote Windows 10 laptop.

Make sure the Remote Desktop is allowed in the firewall. Go to Control Panel >> System and security, click on section allow an application via the Windows firewall. In the next window, under the section and features allowed apps, see if Remote Desktop is enabled.

If it does not, click the button to change the settings first, then allow another app … down and check the box for Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance under the Private column. Windows 10 Home users will not have these options available to them.

If you are faced with frequent disconnections or session is lagging and slow, try reducing the screen resolution of remote desktop you are accessing. You can find this setting by going to the View tab on the app RDP.

To set up and use remote desktop on Windows 10 is easy, and our company is focus on the R&D of Windows Password Recovery Software, if you have any Windows password loss problem, no matter administrator password or other password, you can try this software to reset your Windows password with ease.

Jun 302016

Windows 10 is an operating system that is designed by Microsoft. In the past, nearly every newly computer is installed with Windows 7, and then Windows 8.1 as time goes by, and then will be Windows 10 in the future. Recently, rumors show that Windows 10 anniversary update will be available on August 2. This may lead to another Windows 10 installation again. Since Windows 10 is used more and more widely, sometimes there may be bugs in it, such as Windows 10 won’t let you turn UEFI secure boot off. In this article, we will talk about how to close secure boot in Windows 10.

You can also see the secure boot in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. However, Windows 10 seems to be a little different with them. Windows 10 UEFI secure boot, how to disable it? Hey, it is so easy to fix it. You can just follow the details as below.


First of all, restart your computer. Then press F2, F10 or Delete button in the keyboard rapidly, before you see the welcome screen, press it quickly and then you are going to enter BIOS setting. It is an interface with a blue screen. You can see so many options in it.

To mention it, because of different motherboard BIOS firmware, different brand computer have different steps and interface to close Windows 10 secure boot. For example, you can know them as below.

Example 1: How to Close Lenovo Secure Boot in Windows 10

This is the Lenovo computer BIOS setting, you can just move your mouse to the “Security” option, you then see the sub-options, move the mouse to “Secure Boot Status” option. At this time, you are about to see it is “Enabled”. Just press Enter and then it will be “Disabled”, then press “Save” and to exit the BIOS. Then you finish the steps to close secure boot in Windows 10.

Example 2: How to Close HP Secure Boot in Windows 10

You can see the HP BIOS setting is different with Lenovo. In this user interface, you are going to move the mouse to “Security” option, then it is time to see lots of alternatives. Just move the mouse to the final option. You are about to see the blue window, one of the choices is “Secure Boot”. Just press enter to change the “Enable” to “Disable”.


That’s all about how to close secure boot in Windows 10. Here in this article, we just take Lenovo and HP for instance. For more details about other personal computers, you can search about it. Thanks for your reading.


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May 232016

“I have no idea about how to repair Windows 10 system from a professional Windows system repair disc. Can you teach me how to do that?” To that case, we can learn how to fix in details as below.

Easy to use Windows 10 automatic system recovery

Step 1: After Windows10 system error, not necessarily need to reinstall the system, it can be used directly by Windows10 to repair the system, namely Windows 10 RE function.

Step 2: Windows 10 RE system can restore, repair and other functions, and can recover the computer without loss of documentation, or to delete all data, initialize the system.
Step 3: Three methods to start Windows 10 RE :

① Hold down the shift and select “Reset”, the disc will be able to enter the Windows 10 RE page.

② Another way is more than a few press F8 to boot into the disc into Windows 10 RE.

③ will pop up when you cannot reboot “Recovery Interface”, select the “Show Advanced Repair Options” can enter.

Step 4: The collapse of the system using Windows 10 RE uninstall updates. Enter Windows 10 RE, then select the “Troubleshooting.”

windows 10-14

Step 5: After entering the page, see “Uninstall Preview Update”, and then dismounts the disc to update patch.
Step 6: Using Windows 10 RE reinstall Windows 10 systems. On here to use u disk or CD-ROM boot Windows10, Windows 10 need to download the image.

Step 7: Select “Next.” Then select the “Repair your computer.”
Step 8: On here, after starting to Windows 10 RE page, select the “Troubleshooting” and then see the “Use this media to reinstall” and then OK.
Step 9: According to the page and then prompts installation can be friends has been down.

How to create a system repair disc in Windows 10

Windows10 system, backup system itself to create a system image backup, when the backup to be completed, it will prompt: whether to create a system repair disc, if the computer is installed burner, requires a blank CD, blank CD into the drive the system prompts a system repair disc then come out.

In actual operation, the same can’t restore this disc repair system, using Windows 10 system image produced by the launch of U disk or burn a CD-ROM, when about to start the installation proceeds to the fifth step, click Repair your computer, you can enter the reduction step.

How to use Windows Boot Genius to create Windows 10 system repair disc

Windows Boot Genius is the powerful tool that can help us fix the case of Windows 10 system disabled in quickest way. See more as below.

windows boot genius

Step 1: Download and install Windows Boot Genius on the accessible computer that you have prepared.
Step 2: Running Windows Boot Genius on your computer, then insert CD/DVD or USB disk to burn the tool on it.

Step 3: Click “burn” to burn the tool on CD/DVD or USB disk. After that, insert the newly created Windows 10 system disk to fix Windows 10 system disabled.
Step 4: Following the detail guide to repair Windows 10 system in several minutes.

To repair Windows 10 system, the first step for us is to create Windows 10 system repair disc. After that, you can use the disc to repair Windows 10 disabled system easily.

Feb 202016

“Oh My God! Does anyone know how to create a Windows 10 system repair disc? I have searched for such a lot of information about it. But I still have no ideas about how to do that. I admit that I am a computer idiot. I heard that we can create it with USB flash drive. Please tell me more details about how to create system repair disc Windows 10 USB. I need to your help, guys. Thanks in advance.”

Why We Need to Create a Windows 10 System Repair Disc?

Windows 10 system offers the option of system recovery to avoid system failure. It helps you to repair the bugs, restore your Windows files, repair your system, restore previous settings and so on. From the “Repair Your Computer Option” on the “Advanced Boot Options” menu, you can find the “System Recovery Option”. If your computer system cannot boot normally, you are able to access “System Recovery Option” by booting a Windows installation disk. If you have no Windows system repair disk, there is another option to you, which is to make a system repair disk to boot the computer that has serious problem. After that, you have to start “System Recovery Option” to make Windows 10 computer work normally again.


How to Create Windows 10 System Repair Disc USB?

In the system of Windows 10, you can make use of “Backup and Restore” to create system repair disc by using CD/DVD, but as a matter of fact, more and more users can’t find CD/DVD. To be honest, to take advantage of USB is easier than CD/DVD-ROM. Consequently, here we will discuss details about how to create system repair disc in Windows 10 with a small USB flash drive.

Most of Windows 10 users would like to create a system repair disc because there are some bugs in their computer, such as Windows 10 crashes, Windows 10 can’t boot or Windows 10 blue/black screen. Thus, here I find a powerful third-party tool – Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius, which is designed to create a bootable repair disc and mainly to fix Windows errors. You can see how to use it as below.

Step 1: Download Windows Boot Genius from THIS HOMEPAGE and then install it to a workable Windows 10 computer. Remember that this program is not free but has a free trial.
Step 2: Open this software and then you can see the main user interface. Just choose the USB flash drive option and click Burn button.

Step 3: Wait for a moment and then you will create the system repair disc in Windows 10 by using the software with USB successfully.

Dec 232015

“Help me! I lost my Microsoft Windows 10 login password. It’s an admin account and I have not login it for quite a long time. I just remember that the password contains number 8 but I can’t remind other information about it. I need your help! I want o know how to override administrator password Windows 10 easily and quickly. Thank you in advance.”

It’s really a pity that someone forgot his or her Windows login password by accident. We all need to remember so many passwords in our life and most of them are not the same. Consequently, the methods about how to deal with this problem come to our eyes. So let’s see how to override Windows 10 administrator password and then open your locked computer.


Method 1: Reset Windows 10 Password with Password Reset Disc

If you have a Windows 10 password reset disk, you can find it out and use it to reset password of your Windows 10 computer. This is a wonderful free method for you to solve your problem. You just need to plug in the disk to your locked computer, and then enter the login screen, click the link about password reset. Then you can follow the steps to reset administrator password with the disc.

Method 2: Change Windows 10 Password with Microsoft Help Center

Another way to change password in Windows 10 is to make use of Microsoft account. If you use the Microsoft account to login Windows 10 system, you can use it to reset password of its account. Just visit the Microsoft official forum and in the login interface, you can click the reset password link to change it. After the clicking, you will see the information that you will need to type, keep clicking to next button until it shoes that you need to open registered email address to finish the process. Then you can use the new password to login Windows 10 computer.

Method 3: Override Password Windows 10 with Recovery Tool

The last measure to override Windows 10 admin password is to take advantage of Windows 10 password recovery tool. There are so many tools you can choose, but I truly suggest the professional Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool. It is a powerful application that supports all Windows password remove, reset or Windows account to be created. You can see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Get the software from its official website in another computer that you can in. Then you need to install it successfully. Remember that it has 4 versions and you are able to decide which to download.
Step 2: Insert a blank CD/DVD/USB to this computer and burn a bootable disk. Don’t forget that whether CD or DVD or USB, it depends which version you use.
Step 3: Take the disc to your locked Windows 10 machine and then change the BIOS setting to let the computer start from the disc. Then exit BIOS setting.
Step 4: After that, you will see the whole interface about the software. Just feel free to override the password of your Windows 10 computer. Then restart the PC and take the disc away, you will login Windows 10 with the new password.

Oct 302015

“Help! I update my Windows 10 and to my disappointment there is an error with 80240020. I can’t accept that because I couldn’t use the computer because of the errors. I really need to get my Windows system to be well in usage. I don’t understand this bug. So does anyone know how? I think I need your urgent help. And the most important point is that I hope your method won’t let me lose my data in that computer. Thank you so much. Wait for your news and any ways will be appreciative. ”

For those Windows 7/8.1 users who have booked updating to Windows 10, some of them will be prompted with “80240020” error during the update. This bug often happens after the system installation has been downloaded and is prepared to be installed. Under normal condition, the users who update Windows system need to through interactive manipulation that users have confirmed. Microsoft declares that it will be the biggest software update in the history of it and it hopes that Windows 10 can provide the best user experience for their huge users. In this article, we will discuss how to fix upgrade to windows 10 install failed error code 80240020.


However, it seems that Microsoft has not prepared it well. So I suggest that if you haven’t received the update inform, you had better wait for a period of time until your Windows system hints you. Given that lots of users update their system to Windows 10 according to the command prompt, instead of confirming it by means of update remind, so this error may happen. For those users who meet 80240020 errors, if you hope to update right now, you can try to use the follow method to cope with it.

Things you need to prepare:
Windows 7/8/8.1

Step 1: Press Win+R to run, and then type “regedit” to open regedit.
Step 2: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade
Step 3: Create a new value named AllowOSUpgrade的DWORD (32-bit) on the right side and then double click the new value and then set up it to 1.
Step 4: After changing it, open the Windows Update to check it, at this time, you can click the “Start Update” button to update Windows 10.

Windows 8/8.1 users need to open the Windows Update in control panel, not the Windows Update in Modern version setting. And if you need to fix other Windows update bugs, such as black screen, white screen, etc, you can use Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius.

Sep 112015

“I have upgraded my Windows system to Windows 10, but I meet the trouble of Windows 10 black screen startup, how can I deal with that condition?” Take it easy for that problem; you can learn how to solve Windows 10 black screen on startup as below.

Method One:

Step1: The desktop appears black, but you can move the mouse, the desktop is usually because the system is not running. Comparison of children’s shoes like tossing a computer, know that the desktop system is dependent explorer.exe running this program, once you start the system, explorer.exe exception occurred while loading the software, or stuck, the desktop will appear black or is stuck situation.
That how to reload explorer.exe this software?
Step2: You can move the mouse to the bottom of the desktop, click the right mouse button to see if it will pop up a Window, select the “task manager”;
If you cannot operate through more than one way, you can directly while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Delete three keys, another Window pops up, choose “Task Manager”
In the pop-up Task Manager, it will be a simple Window, then we choose the “Details”
Step3: Then the pop-up Window, is the Task Manager Window, the entire operation, there are software-related system processes currently running, this time in the default Window, a closer look at whether there is explorer.exe this software ( If there is, generally show no response), if there is to first select it, then click End Task.
In the upper left corner of the Window “File” Select “to run a new task” in the pop-up Window, direct input explorer.exe, and then OK.
Step4: To this section, if there is no accident, general can show the desktop, if that does not work, please look at another way down to solve Windows 10 black screen.

windows 10-14

Method Two:

Step1: To know that Microsoft from Windows 8 onwards, computer design is the use of quick-start function, and this function is enabled by default in the background. This gives us the feeling that from the boot to the desktop, not 10 seconds to go, the speed is a lot faster.
But the start-up mode, there may be cause startup to the desktop, the desktop becomes black.
Step2: If you can see the bottom left corner of the Microsoft Start icon, right click, the bottom of the window will pop up; if you cannot see, you can also press the Windows key + X key will pop up the associated window. Select “Power Options”, the pop-up Window, select the “Select a power button function”
Step3: Then we will find that there is an “Enable fast start” below, but it is gray, you can’t check out, then we can first select the “Change Settings is currently unavailable” can make the next step up.
As the second chart, just need to “Enable Quick Start” checkbox to remove it, and then save the settings, restart the computer to see if valid.
In this way, if we can properly load the desktop, into the system, you can re-check the quick start.

How to Use Windows Boot Genius to solve Windows 10 black screen on startup.

Windows Boot Genius is a much professional tool for Windows problems solving. Such as Windows 10 black/blue screen to death, Windows 10 crashing and freezing and so on. See more as below to solve the problem of Windows 10 black screen error.

windows boot genius
Step1: Download Windows Boot Genius and install it on any workable computer.
Step2: Insert one blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to this computer and then launch Windows Boot Genius. In the main interface, select CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then click “Burn” to begin boot disk creation.
Step3: Insert this burned CD/DVD or USB to the blue screen Windows 10 computer.
Then Boot up computer that starts improperly from the newly created boot disk.

After trying the methods that provided above, I think that using the tool-Windows Boot Genius is the easiest way to me. It works much fast and save much time. You can try the three methods to choose which method is best for you to solve Windows 10 black screen startup.

Aug 132015

In recent days, there are many of my friends have been successfully upgraded to Win10. However, careful people may find that the official news that Win10 is the best system, but part of Windows 10 user response that Windows 10 boot up slow. How should we solve this problem? The following is a simple solution to this problem.

How to solve the problem of Windows 10 slow boot up.

Step1: Right-click on the desktop blank space – personalized, as shown in Figure!
Step2: Select Control Panel to enter! And then select the option to enter the system and security.
Step3: After that you can select the Power Options entry, then select the power button function.
Step4: Then you can click Change Settings link currently unavailable.
Step5: In the end, you need to drop, find Enable fast start, check, click save modifications.
According to the above steps, you can solve the problem of slow boot up Windows 10.


With Windows 10 upgrade another common problem is the problem of slow start up. That we should be how to solve the problem of slow Windows 10 start up? The following is a simple solution.

How to solve the problem of Windows 10 slow start up.

First, the reasons:
1. According to the official statement, the boot is slow due to the “Quick Start” feature caused. This is because the quick-start implementation is based on the graphics driver and power management driver, but there are a lot of drivers are not currently compatible with the Quick Start function, resulting in slow start.
2. Find the cause, it will be easy to solve, and the method is to turn off “quick start.”
Second, how close the “Quick Start”.
Step1: Right-click the bottom left corner of the screen Win logo, click “Control Panel”. “Click on “Hardware and Sound” in the Control Panel.
Step2: And then click on the “change the power button’s function.”
Step3: Then click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”
Step4: To cancel the shutdown setting “Enable Quick Launch (recommended)”, then click “Save changes.”

Note: That if you have not checked the “Enable Quick Launch (recommended)”, the first check and “Save changes”, the again and uncheck “Save changes” (ie execution check – canceled once).

How to Use Windows Boot Genius to help you boot up Windows 10.

Windows Boot Genius is the 22-in-1 Windows repair software. This tool can deal with your Windows 10 slow boot up issues easy and fast. More details as below.

windows boot genius

Step1: Download Windows Boot Genius and install it on any workable computer.

Step2: Insert one blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to this computer and then launch Windows Boot Genius. In the main interface, select CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then click “Burn” to begin boot disk creation.

Step3: After the up two steps, then you can boot up computer that starts improperly from the newly created boot disk.

Follow the upper 3 steps, you can solve the problem of Windows 10 slow boot up issues quickly and safely.