Mar 212013

Ever wonder what the iPhone would look like with a dash of color? Dutch industrial designer Martin Hajek came up with a series of stunning images that visualize a colorful budget iPhone with rounded corners.


Hajek — who originally created the images for Dutch Web site iPhoneClub — based his vision of the budget iPhone on consistent rumors that Apple could debut a colorful low-end version of the smartphone (with a mixture of fiberglass and plastic casing) alongside the expected iPhone 5S reveal this summer.

The renderings show the iPhone in two different colors and sizes, with the red featuring the now-standard 4-inch screen (introduced with the iPhone 5), and the blue version stretching the screen out to 4.5 inches, keeping in line with the current trend of larger-screened smartphones.

To create his realistic renderings, the designer uses Arion by Randomcontrol. In a conversation with Crave, Hajek noted that he’s worked in the field of design for about eight years, and has been making iPhone/Apple renderings since last year. Be sure to check out his other works, which include a smart mockup of the iWatch and other exciting visions.

I agree with most APPLE funs that Tim Cook will not give up the long-established APPLE philosophy by creating a cheap-looking. While, still there are people who are waiting for the cheap-looking iPhone – “I think having an IPhone with multiple colors and with polycarbonate material would actually make it even better. Although I like the gorilla glass that apple used on the iphone 4/4s alot, I think for a cheaper IPhone polycarbonate and multiple colors would be a really good option.” said Maxi on his blog.

The budget iPhone is also expected to feature a plastic chassis, and be marketed mainly to customers from emerging markets such as China and India.

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