Aug 302013

Want to check the hard drive in your Windows 8 computer so that you can fix the hard drive errors timely? All hard drives have a time of life, thus it is important to check a Windows 8 hard drive for errors. In fact, Windows 8 has a series of tools to help users determine whether or not their hard drive contains errors. This article will show you how to check a Windows 8 hard drive for errors using the built in Windows 8 scandisk utility.

How to Check a Windows 8 Hard Drive for Errors

Details of using built in Windows 8 scandisk utility to check the hard drive in your Windows 8 computer.

1. Start the Windows 8 Metro UI and type the word computer and the search prompt will automatically display. Select Computer.

2. Right click on the drive you want to test and select Properties. Select the Tools tab and choose Check in the Error checking section.


















3. If Windows prompts you there are no errors found, you can still check the drive anyway by selecting Scan drive.








4. Wait for the error checking tool to complete and when error checking has completed you can click Close.








If you find errors on your hard drive, you need to backup your hard drive with software such as Windows Boot Genius as soon as possible to avoid any data loss because many times hard drive failures are slow corruptions that happen over time, so it is important to see errors as a red flag of potential future failures. For more tips on Windows 8 hard drive failure, click here.

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