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Windows 10 is an operating system that is designed by Microsoft. In the past, nearly every newly computer is installed with Windows 7, and then Windows 8.1 as time goes by, and then will be Windows 10 in the future. Recently, rumors show that Windows 10 anniversary update will be available on August 2. This may lead to another Windows 10 installation again. Since Windows 10 is used more and more widely, sometimes there may be bugs in it, such as Windows 10 won’t let you turn UEFI secure boot off. In this article, we will talk about how to close secure boot in Windows 10.

You can also see the secure boot in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. However, Windows 10 seems to be a little different with them. Windows 10 UEFI secure boot, how to disable it? Hey, it is so easy to fix it. You can just follow the details as below.


First of all, restart your computer. Then press F2, F10 or Delete button in the keyboard rapidly, before you see the welcome screen, press it quickly and then you are going to enter BIOS setting. It is an interface with a blue screen. You can see so many options in it.

To mention it, because of different motherboard BIOS firmware, different brand computer have different steps and interface to close Windows 10 secure boot. For example, you can know them as below.

Example 1: How to Close Lenovo Secure Boot in Windows 10

This is the Lenovo computer BIOS setting, you can just move your mouse to the “Security” option, you then see the sub-options, move the mouse to “Secure Boot Status” option. At this time, you are about to see it is “Enabled”. Just press Enter and then it will be “Disabled”, then press “Save” and to exit the BIOS. Then you finish the steps to close secure boot in Windows 10.

Example 2: How to Close HP Secure Boot in Windows 10

You can see the HP BIOS setting is different with Lenovo. In this user interface, you are going to move the mouse to “Security” option, then it is time to see lots of alternatives. Just move the mouse to the final option. You are about to see the blue window, one of the choices is “Secure Boot”. Just press enter to change the “Enable” to “Disable”.


That’s all about how to close secure boot in Windows 10. Here in this article, we just take Lenovo and HP for instance. For more details about other personal computers, you can search about it. Thanks for your reading.


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