Aug 132015

In recent days, there are many of my friends have been successfully upgraded to Win10. However, careful people may find that the official news that Win10 is the best system, but part of Windows 10 user response that Windows 10 boot up slow. How should we solve this problem? The following is a simple solution to this problem.

How to solve the problem of Windows 10 slow boot up.

Step1: Right-click on the desktop blank space – personalized, as shown in Figure!
Step2: Select Control Panel to enter! And then select the option to enter the system and security.
Step3: After that you can select the Power Options entry, then select the power button function.
Step4: Then you can click Change Settings link currently unavailable.
Step5: In the end, you need to drop, find Enable fast start, check, click save modifications.
According to the above steps, you can solve the problem of slow boot up Windows 10.


With Windows 10 upgrade another common problem is the problem of slow start up. That we should be how to solve the problem of slow Windows 10 start up? The following is a simple solution.

How to solve the problem of Windows 10 slow start up.

First, the reasons:
1. According to the official statement, the boot is slow due to the “Quick Start” feature caused. This is because the quick-start implementation is based on the graphics driver and power management driver, but there are a lot of drivers are not currently compatible with the Quick Start function, resulting in slow start.
2. Find the cause, it will be easy to solve, and the method is to turn off “quick start.”
Second, how close the “Quick Start”.
Step1: Right-click the bottom left corner of the screen Win logo, click “Control Panel”. “Click on “Hardware and Sound” in the Control Panel.
Step2: And then click on the “change the power button’s function.”
Step3: Then click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”
Step4: To cancel the shutdown setting “Enable Quick Launch (recommended)”, then click “Save changes.”

Note: That if you have not checked the “Enable Quick Launch (recommended)”, the first check and “Save changes”, the again and uncheck “Save changes” (ie execution check – canceled once).

How to Use Windows Boot Genius to help you boot up Windows 10.

Windows Boot Genius is the 22-in-1 Windows repair software. This tool can deal with your Windows 10 slow boot up issues easy and fast. More details as below.

windows boot genius

Step1: Download Windows Boot Genius and install it on any workable computer.

Step2: Insert one blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to this computer and then launch Windows Boot Genius. In the main interface, select CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then click “Burn” to begin boot disk creation.

Step3: After the up two steps, then you can boot up computer that starts improperly from the newly created boot disk.

Follow the upper 3 steps, you can solve the problem of Windows 10 slow boot up issues quickly and safely.


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