Apr 292016

“Computer reboots, no errors, just reboots. Hello, my game restarts after 20-30 minutes of playtime. There is no error or anything, only a black screen, and then my computer reboots. I can play other games, and watch movies etc. This only happens in hearthStone. Am I the only one who is experiencing this? ”


There are many reasons when a computer keep rebooting. Sometimes it is caused by hardware, and sometimes it is caused by software. Generally speaking, the common reason is overheating and RAM(Random Access Memory). However, if you are not a professional computer guy, you have no idea to tell if your computer is overheating. Besides this, you may be lack of knowledge about RAM, so in order to make clear about it, you have to spend some time searching online to get it understood. It is unworthy to do that. So here I will suggest an easy method about how to fix your computer when it reboots. You are going to see it as below.

How to Fix Computer When It Reboots?
There is an amazing tool that is able to fix all Windows-based computer errors, which name is Windows Boot Genius. It is a well-known application that supports all Windows versions, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You can see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Download Windows Boot Genius from another workable computer by clicking HERE and then install it. You need to use the full version in order to totally fix your computer.
Step 2: After that, insert a CD/DVD/USB to the computer and then click the Burn button to build a bootable Windows disk.

Step 3: Insert the drive to your previous computer and then change your BIOS setting to boot from the bootable CD/DVD/USB and then restart it.

Step 4: Follow the instruction and then you are about to see the whole user interface of this software. Choose the Windows Rescue option and then you will solve your problem by using this software.

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