May 232012

It would be more complicated to deal with the problem when lost Windows Vista password.

Many people use passwords to protect access to computers. It is a simple yet effective way to protect sensitive data and equipment. Unfortunately, by their very nature, passwords can be easy to be lost or forgotten. This can be an especially difficult problem when the forgotten password is for Windows Vista. This is because a lot of different functions available on XP are not available on Vista.


An administrator password cannot be changed without knowing the original password on Vista.

In Windows XP, one can change an administrator password even without knowing its original password. Do you know how? It’s pretty easy. The first step is to right click “My Computer”. Then in its options, choose “Manage” → “Local Users and Groups” → “Users”. Click the targeted account and “Set Password” for it without tying its original password. However, if you forgot or lost an administrator password on Vista, you cannot solve the problem in this way unless you can remember the original password. Then, any other chances to recover the lost Vista password?


Best way to crack Vista password—to use a password recovery software program.

If you do not mind losing data on your Vista machine, then reinstalling your machine could be a solution. But I don’t recommend people using this way to rescue a locked computer sine lots of time and data will be lost. Then, to use a password recovery software program, in my opinion sometimes could be the best or even the only way to recover Vista password. What is the password recovery software program? Here I would suggest Windows Password Recovery Tool.


How to use Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard to reset lost Vista password?

Step1: Download and install Windows Password Reset Tool on a working PC.

Step2: Burn CD/DVD with the program.

Step3: Set the target computer boot from CD/DVD.

Step4: Reset the forgotten Vista password with the burned CD/DVD. Then log on to your Vista pc without a password.


Above are the easy steps on how Windows Password Recovery Tool works. If you don’t have an extra CD or DVD, you can also use a USB flash drive to replace it but at this time you need to use another version of this tool—Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional. This version has more functions than the Standard one, if you are in need of Windows Vista password reset for your lost Vista admin password, and interested in this tool, you can get more information by Google search “Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0”.



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