Jul 052013

A Microsoft spokesman has confirmed that the company had launched Windows 8, Office 2012, Outlook and Internet Explorer 10 in Te reo Maori this week. It is said that schools, universities and government would take part in to handle this software.

This news has brought many cheers from those users of Microsoft who want to contact with New Zealand’s native people. They now can email or look up contacts after the global technology giant launched versions of its software in the Maori, which is the native language of the local habitants of New Zealand.

There are three official languages in New Zealand and te reo Maori is one of them. Globally, about 157, 000 people speak this language.

The Microsoft spokesman introduced that this software would not charge any money from the local people. “it’s a free download so there is no money in it…… But we feel it is nice to be part of the revitalization efforts in New Zealand……(the program’s) been pretty popular in the Maori language classes and schools.”

It is said that the launch of the new language marked that Microsoft now has 108 languages including KiSwahili, and Scottish Gaelic, for its products.

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Here is the general tutorial to guide you to recover Windows 8 password.

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2. Insert newly created CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive and reboot your computer in Windows 8.

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4. Choose “administrator” account, select “Remove the password” and click “Next” to proceed. Click “Reboot” to restart your computer.


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