Apr 132013


T-Mobile’ first iPhone 5 marketing spot is live, as T-Mobile is kicking off its official sales of the iPhone 5 from Friday.


According to the T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier plans, the iPhone 5 can be bought at $99, with $20 monthly payments for 2 years to cover the balance, or for free if you switch from another carrier and bring a device in for trade.

T-Mobile is also offering iPhone 5 both in retail and online. You can pick from either of the two monochrome extremes and if you wish to spend a little less, you can pick up iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 instead. However, you can get the same subsidized pricing from Apple directly. If you want to pick up the concessions, you need to scroll through the options at the Uncarrier source and make sure you have got well prepared for the Coachella stream.


For both Apple and the small carrier, the big market is absolutely good news. T-Mobile’s potential reach only shows about 26.1 million total additional subscribers for Apple, which is not a big number in global subscriber terms but gives Apple space to enlarge its smartphone dominance in the US. This can supply Apple a late-stage bump for the iPhone 5, which is going to face more and more pressure with the furious competition of flagship devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S4.

T-Mobile has been left out of launch day hype for many times surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone, with the carrier relegated to watching from the sidelines as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon locations saw customers queue for the iPhone 5 back in September.

The iPhone 5 and the carrier’s new model could be a big attraction for many switchers, but is still needs time to wait and see if that impacts the overall distribution of U.S. wireless customers in any significant way.

Tips for iPhone 5 Backup Password

In many cases, you may have back up your iPhone 5 data with iTunes before updating, but your iTunes asks for a password even though you never put a password in. if you want to recover your iPhone 5 backup, you can try iPhone Backup Unlocker to help you, which is designed for disabling backup passwords for iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and any other Apple devices.

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