Nov 012013

Want to add a folder to a folder in iOS 7 so that you can save more space on your home screen? Although, you can easily create folders in iOS 7 to organize your apps, but the folders only display 9 apps at a time which is far from enough. So if we can add a folder to a folder such as make a “Photography” folder and add folds in it to separate your “Filters,” “Cameras,” “Editors,” “Photos,” and other subcategories, it will be easier to find the app you need and save more space on your home screen

However, Apple has omitted this feature from iOS 7. But they did include a bug which lets us create folders within folders on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Just follow the steps below.

1. Take a few apps and create a couple of folders that fit a certain category. Choose any kind of apps and name the folder.

2. Tap and hold on one of the folders (the one you want to move) until it turns gray in color.

3. Once the folder turns dark gray, double-press the Home button to bring up the multitasking menu—before the jiggling happens.

Note: This step is very important, you need to be so quick, that it’s best if you double-press the Home button almost at the same time you tap and hold on the folder.

4. After that, you’ll see that the gray highlighted folder is slightly enlarged in the home screen preview of the multitasking menu.

5. From the multitasking menu, you will need to tap on the home screen preview.

6. Now you’re back on the home screen with your folder still grayed out. Tap on the folder that you want the enlarged gray folder to go into.

7. If all he steps below are done correctly, the folder will open and you should see the grayed-out folder floating near the top left.

8. Press the Home button on your iPhone and the gray folder will jump right inside your primary folder.

Now you can add numerous applications and folders into one place. Moreover, these folders and apps will stay exactly where you placed them if you restart your device.

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