Jan 142016

When we met the trouble of being locked out of computer or laptop. We are tending to search solutions on Google. Then we can learn how to unlock password on ASUS laptop in easy way as follow.

Windows Password Recovery Tool-The easiest tool for ASUS password unlock.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is an all in one Windows password unlock software. This tool can help you unlock ASUS password in efficient way.
Step1: Download and install the tool on a useful computer. Using a CD/DVD to burn the tool on it, and then insert the newly created disk on to the ASUS laptop.

Step2: Setting BIOS and start the laptop from the newly created disk. Then choose the account that you need to unlock.
Step3: After that click reboot to restart the ASUS laptop, you have unlock the password successfully.

windows password recovery tool-3

How to reset ASUS laptop password

Method 1: View opens the numeric keypad
Step1: First look at the passwords you entered, there are letters and numbers on the keys that are, for example: T I F.
Step2: If so, recommended pressing the “FN+insert/num lock” key off keypad.

Method 2: The use of U disk manufacturing PE clear password
Step1: Using U disk, download PE tools to the Internet, then write him U disk, then insert the u disk notebook.
Step2: Power on press the “ESC” select u disk to start.
Step3: And then find a PE in the “running the Windows login password-cracking”. Then crack it.

Method3: Reinstall the system
Step1: If the system is ASUS comes pre-loaded with a good system, and we can take the system to restore the system. We can also install system again.

Method 4: The simplest way
When you boot to the Welcome screen, the prompt box appears, enter your user name and password, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, jump out of the accounts window, and enter the user name: administrator, enter.
If the administrator account has a password, you can:

Step1: On the Windows7 system startup press F8, then select “safe mode with command line”.
Step2: Select “Administrator” out “Command Prompt” window.
User: net user ASD/add
L administrator: net local group administrators.
Restart selected ASD into.
——–Control Panel user account forgotten password-do-delete key.

Step1: At computer startup press (F8) and select (Safe Mode with Command Prompt).
Stpe2: Select (Administrator) will jump out (Command Prompt) window.

Step3: Using (Net) command to add a user, for example: adding a user named
alanhkg888; the command syntax is as follows:
Net user alanhkg888/add.
Step4: Will add power to elevate user to Administrator, for example: upgrade to increase power user alanhkg888, the command syntax is as follows.
Net local group administrators alanhkg888/add.

Step5: Restart your computer after completing the above steps, splash screen adds a user alanhkg888, and select alanhkg888.
Step6: After login (console)→(user account) → forgot password user, and then select (remove password) after (out).
Step7: In the login screen, select the user then you may not need passwords with inferior in (removed).
Step8: Delete the user just added the (console)→(user account) → chosen (alanhkg888).

Ending from reading that blog, do you have a decision about which method is best for you to unlock password on ASUS laptop? The best method for me is to use the Windows password recovery tool.