Feb 222014


Windows 8 users know that we no longer press a certain key during the boot process to access the Advanced Boot Option in Windows 8. That is because Windows 8 hardware uses the UEFI replacement for the traditional BIOS. It boots so blisteringly fast that it theoretically gives you only 200 milliseconds to access the boot menu.

Generally, Windows 8 allow us to enter boot menu through PC settings or use your installation disk. However, sometimes our computer encounter may have problems and can’t boot. Worse still, the installation disk isn’t always in hand. Thus, is there any way to set up Windows 8 to use F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options?

Note: If you’ve installed Windows 8 on an existing computer that uses the legacy BIOS system, you’ll access the BIOS in the traditional way.

1, Insert Windows 8 installation disc and restart your computer

2, Choose Keyboard & Language options and click Next in the setup box

3, On the next screen, click Repair your computer

4, In Choose an option interface, go for Troubleshoot and then Advanced options

5, In Advanced options, click for Command Prompt and access system drive (For example C:)

6, Type the command line BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY and press Enter

7, Type Exit and press Enter to restart your computer

8, Now you will be able to use F8 key for displaying Advanced Boot Options

So if you want to set up Windows 8 to use F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options, just follow our easy steps.