Oct 122013

Getting iOS 7 activation error? Recently, many people complained that they received activation error when trying to upgrade to iOS 7. The problem seems to be affecting mostly iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users.















Why Getting iOS 7 Activation Error?

From the PR, we can see that the iPhone could not be activated is because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Another reason is most probably because beta servers being shut down as 6 million developers using iOS 7 betas this accounts for the large numbers of people having this issue.

How to Fix iOS 7 Activation Error?

To fix the activation error you need to update your iOS device to the latest iOS software update – iOS 7.0.2. This is the most commonly used way to fix iOS 7 activation error since no official solution available now.

Detailed steps of how to fix iOS 7 activation errors:

Note: You will get your iPhone data loss during this process. So if you found any important data loss, just use iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost iPhone Data instantly.

1.  First you need to ensure you have the latest version of iTunes, currently 11.1.1.

2.  Switch off Find My iPhone. As your iPhone is bricked you’ll need to log into iCloud.com, head to the Find My iPhone service, and then remove your iPhone.

3.  Download the right iOS 7 firmware file and save the file to your desktop.

4. Finally open the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone. If iTunes doesn’t recognize the iPhone that you’ve plugged in you should perform a Recovery Mode Restore.

5.  In the iPhone summary windows, Check for Update while holding down the alt/option key on Mac or alternatively the Shift key in Windows.

6. Select the firmware file you previously downloaded and update your device to iOS 7.0.2.

Your iOS device should be successfully updated to iOS 7.0.2 and you should no longer get the activation error. But if you don’t have a backup you will lose your data, contacts, etc. you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost iPhone Data without any efforts.