Oct 272016

We all know that Windows 10 is the most popular system after it published in last year. But there are a part of troubles about Windows 10. Below we can learn how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep.

To Fix Windows 10 Password Incorrect after sleep with Windows Password Recovery Tool

In the case that you have no idea about how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep, you can consider about Windows password reset. With the powerful software-Windows Password Recovery Tool. You can remove the incorrect password in several steps.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using the prepared CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Password Recovery Tool. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 computer that password incorrect.
Step 3: Choosing the account that you need to recover its password. Then click restart, after that rebooting your Windows 10 computer, you will find there is no password required.


Reasons to Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep

Tip 1. It goes, without saying that you must check if your password is indeed correct and then punch in it carefully. Make sure that your caps lock is not “ON”.
Tip 2. You have to remember that Windows 10 will sync PC settings, app purchases, etc. across all systems that are using the same Microsoft account password. So if you changed your password using one computer, make sure you use the new password on your other PCs too.
Tip 3. You might need to check if your keyboard has been configured to support multiple languages and check if you are using correct language. You can check its settings in the taskbar.
Tip 4. The error message offers a suggestion that you reset Windows password. So reset Microsoft account password at account.live.com and once you have reset it, use it to sign in. If you have reset the Windows Microsoft account password online, use the new password on your Win 10 PC.


Tip 5. Reset your password to one which is less that a 15 characters long and see if it works.
Tip 6. If this doesn’t help, then you have an issue, reach Microsoft support team and see if they have a solution. To prevent this from happening, you should set a PIN as an extra measure. So if you cannot login with your account password, you will be able to sign in using PIN.

After reading the whole post, have you got how to fix Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep? If not, you can try to read the post again to acquire this skill. Any other troubles about using following the guide, you can get solutions on here.