May 272014

Cellular Data is used for data communication in cellular networks. When your iPhone is not connected with a Wi-Fi network, any app that needs data will use the cellular data network. Once exceeding the limit of the data plan, the cost will be extremely high. Therefore, learning to manage Cellular Data Usage on iPhone is quite necessary. Here I share you some tricks about how to manage your Cellular Data Usage on iPhone.


Manage Individual Apps on your iPhone

Individual apps are important parts which will consume a great proportion of Cellular Data, so you should find out how much Cellular Data has been used by these individual Apps and to see which App can be disabled.

Pop into Settings from the home screen and tap Mobile (named Cellular on some devices).

Scroll down to Mobile Data Usage. Here you can see how much data you’ve used.


Scroll down further on the mobile screen and you will find a list of installed Apps on your iPhone. You can decide which one should be disabled here.



Automatic Downloads

Another major part that will cost your Cellular Data is iTunes, which will automatically download books, music, Apps etc. You can follow the steps below to turn off these automatic downloads:

Pop into Settings and then tap iTunes & App Store.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and turn off the option to Use Mobile Data.



System Service

iPhone will also use mobile data for some necessary services such as weather, time, location syncing, mapping services etc. To see how much data your iPhone uses for these services, scroll down further beyond the list of Apps and tap on System Service. For these services, you can only disable mobile data altogether to prevent your iPhone from using mobile data. It actually makes no sense to do so. But you can be aware of how much data your system services have used so that you can control Cellular Data Usage on iphone appropriately.

system service


Now, all parts that will consume Cellular Data on your iPhone have been covered. You can check them from time to time and manage the Cellular Data Usage better. For more iPhone tips, click here.