Sep 112015

“I have upgraded my Windows system to Windows 10, but I meet the trouble of Windows 10 black screen startup, how can I deal with that condition?” Take it easy for that problem; you can learn how to solve Windows 10 black screen on startup as below.

Method One:

Step1: The desktop appears black, but you can move the mouse, the desktop is usually because the system is not running. Comparison of children’s shoes like tossing a computer, know that the desktop system is dependent explorer.exe running this program, once you start the system, explorer.exe exception occurred while loading the software, or stuck, the desktop will appear black or is stuck situation.
That how to reload explorer.exe this software?
Step2: You can move the mouse to the bottom of the desktop, click the right mouse button to see if it will pop up a Window, select the “task manager”;
If you cannot operate through more than one way, you can directly while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Delete three keys, another Window pops up, choose “Task Manager”
In the pop-up Task Manager, it will be a simple Window, then we choose the “Details”
Step3: Then the pop-up Window, is the Task Manager Window, the entire operation, there are software-related system processes currently running, this time in the default Window, a closer look at whether there is explorer.exe this software ( If there is, generally show no response), if there is to first select it, then click End Task.
In the upper left corner of the Window “File” Select “to run a new task” in the pop-up Window, direct input explorer.exe, and then OK.
Step4: To this section, if there is no accident, general can show the desktop, if that does not work, please look at another way down to solve Windows 10 black screen.

windows 10-14

Method Two:

Step1: To know that Microsoft from Windows 8 onwards, computer design is the use of quick-start function, and this function is enabled by default in the background. This gives us the feeling that from the boot to the desktop, not 10 seconds to go, the speed is a lot faster.
But the start-up mode, there may be cause startup to the desktop, the desktop becomes black.
Step2: If you can see the bottom left corner of the Microsoft Start icon, right click, the bottom of the window will pop up; if you cannot see, you can also press the Windows key + X key will pop up the associated window. Select “Power Options”, the pop-up Window, select the “Select a power button function”
Step3: Then we will find that there is an “Enable fast start” below, but it is gray, you can’t check out, then we can first select the “Change Settings is currently unavailable” can make the next step up.
As the second chart, just need to “Enable Quick Start” checkbox to remove it, and then save the settings, restart the computer to see if valid.
In this way, if we can properly load the desktop, into the system, you can re-check the quick start.

How to Use Windows Boot Genius to solve Windows 10 black screen on startup.

Windows Boot Genius is a much professional tool for Windows problems solving. Such as Windows 10 black/blue screen to death, Windows 10 crashing and freezing and so on. See more as below to solve the problem of Windows 10 black screen error.

windows boot genius
Step1: Download Windows Boot Genius and install it on any workable computer.
Step2: Insert one blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to this computer and then launch Windows Boot Genius. In the main interface, select CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then click “Burn” to begin boot disk creation.
Step3: Insert this burned CD/DVD or USB to the blue screen Windows 10 computer.
Then Boot up computer that starts improperly from the newly created boot disk.

After trying the methods that provided above, I think that using the tool-Windows Boot Genius is the easiest way to me. It works much fast and save much time. You can try the three methods to choose which method is best for you to solve Windows 10 black screen startup.