Nov 092013

Airdrop is a now feature in iOS 7 offering a better way to share photos in the Photos app, contact cards in the Contacts app, notes in the Notes app, URLs in Safari, Passbook passes, app listings on the App Store, media listings in iTunes, and stations in iTunes Radio, etc. It’s already implemented on Macs and allows users to drag and drop files to share with other Mac users on the same network. Now owners of iPhone 5, 5C or 5S, the iPad 4 or Mini, and the iPod Touch 5th generation (running iOS 7) are able to take advantage of AirDrop.

To get started using AirDrop, you need know that this technology uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make an ad hoc connection between two iOS 7 devices, letting you copy files quickly and easily. Here’s how to use it. So you’ll first want to make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth are both turned on.

1. Open up the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll see toggles at the top and symbols for WiFi and Bluetooth; make s2ure these are glowing white, which means that they’re on and ready to go.

2. Enable AirDrop by opening Control Center and pressing the AirDrop icon. Then you’ll be prompted with the option to make yourself discoverable to no one, to your contacts only, or to everyone.

3. If you want to share a photo, open the image in the Photos app and press the Share button in the lower left corner. Then select the device to which you’d like to send the photo. Finally, press Accept on the window that appears on the receiving device. The photo will then transfer (it took about a second in our tests), and appear in the Camera roll.

4. If you want to share a map, open Maps and press the Share button in lower left corner. And the following steps are the same as we mentioned in 3.

Other files such as videos, safari can be also shared via the same way with Airdrop. Now take out your iPhone, and begin to enjoy this great new feature.

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