May 312013


Well, you may have heard about the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone 5. It allows you with root access to the iOS operating system, permits you to download additional applications, extensions, and themes which you can’t get from the official Apple App Store and enable you to use the third party apps, handset on multiple carriers, early exploit fixes, etc. You may get ready to experience the jailbreaking process for your iPhone 5. But don’t be too excited to early. There are many traps you would fall into if you don’t make the warnings clear before. Here we would like to list some of the notes you should pay high attention to in order to jailbreak your iPhone 5 in a perfect state.

Warnings You Should Pay Attention to Before You Jailbreak iPhone 5

  1. Apple has announced that jailbraking iPhone 5 can violate the warranty, and you can’t rely on AT&T, Verizon, or Apple to fix any problems that you encounter in the after days.
  2. In the Apple Store, the apps you pay for are of high quality and security, so you don’t need to worry about the virus attack. However, the software published in other website may easily affect iPhone battery life and the system stability, especially when the software is poorly optimized.
  3. All of the applications that you use to jailbreak your iPhone 5 would have the potential to damage or completely disable your device for they are unauthorized. So you need to make specifically sure that those applications would do little harm to your iPhone 5.
  4. You may suffer data loss to some extent. When you pull out the USB cable during the process, when the jailbreaking gets stuck, or when unfortunately the jailbreak is unsuccessful, you may get some data loss or totally lose all the files on your iPhone 5. So you need to backup your device before you jailbreak it.
  5. How to back up your iPhone 5 in order to avoid data loss after jailbreak? You can use iTunes or iCloud for backup, or you can try iPhone 5 Data Recovery to backup your data on PC. What if you forget to backup iPhone 5 and suffer data loss after jailbreak? Use iPhone 5 Data Recovery again to recover the lost data.
  6. Before you can start to jailbreak your iPhone 5, you need to successfully put your device into DFU mode. Many users fail to enter into the iPhone 5 DFU mode, so the very important thing, besides the above tips, is that you need to verify that the Power button and the Home button on your iPhone 5 work. Otherwise, you need to download other apps to put it into DFU mode.


There are many other risks to jailbreak iPhone 5. If you have other information to share with us, it is appreciated that you add your comments here.