May 082014

Apple introduced iOS 7 in last September with improvements to its old OS. At the same time, some older features have been changed or moved. Recently, I heard some users complained that the new iOS 7 doesn’t have Spotlight. In fact, the Spotlight isn’t gone; it just improved. Below I will show you where the Spotlight search is in iOS 7 and how to use it to find apps, contacts, music and more.

Where to Spotlight search is in iOS 7?

With iOS 6 and older, you had to press the Home button twice, or swipe several times to the far left to find Spotlight search. Now in iOS 7, Spotlight search is accessible from any application page on your home screen, as opposed to just the one page in previous iOS versions.All you have to do is to swipe down on any page of your home screen to reveal the search bar.


How to Use Spotlight Search in iOS 7 to Find Apps, Contacts, Music, and More?

From search place, you can use Spotlight as you did before and type in whatever app, contact, or document you’re trying to find. And you can decide which options you want to appear during your searches to avoid something such as deleted messages to appear in the Spotlight search.



Now you must have a clear idea about open Spotlight search in iOS 7 to find apps, contacts, music, etc. For more iOS 7 tips, click here.