Jun 032014

Apple unveiled its latest operating system iOS 8 today at its annual WWDC event. According to Apple, iOS 8 is the biggest release since the launch of the App store, giving users new features, simpler and faster user experience. Here let’s go through the top 10 new features in iOS 8.

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More Interactive Notifications

Compared with the operating system before, iOS 8 is more actionable. You can deal with notifications for text messages, emails, reminders and Facebook without need to open their Apps. You can keep focusing on the task you are working on.

New Messages App

Apple have developed the messages app in iOS 8 and add many new functions, such as sharing map and locations with messages, supporting voice messages and videos apart from pictures and text.

Health App

The new health app in iOS 8 gathers information that users choose from various health apps and fitness devices. It can provide health data for you. At present, a new tool, HealthKit, is available for users. It is a piece of software which manages wearable devices. What’s important, it can be used as a health management platform and connect to hospitals.


Apple also introduces predictive typing in iOS 8. Apple’ Quick Type will suggest words and phrases on the basis of who the recipient is and which app users are typing in. in addition, iOS 8 supports third-party keyboards, such as Android and Swype.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows users to communicate and share photos, calendars and purchases with family members from the same household (as many as 6 persons). Family members can browse and download each other’s iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. For example, if a member of a family purchased music, films or other apps, other family members can use them with their own Apple ID.


In iOS 8, users who are using iOS and Mac devices can switch between them perfectly through Handoff. iPhone owners can answer phone calls on the Mac and iPad as well as send SMS messages from Mac and iPad. They are allowed to write an email on one device and continue on another.

New Safari and Mail Apps

Safari browser now provides Tab view on iPad. And what’s more, users can check their bookmarks, reading list and shared links in a new Sidebar. The Mail App supports gestures for labeling or marking emails as read. And it can recognize a reservation, flight confirmation or phone number in an email.

iCloud Drive

Via iCloud Drive, users can store, access and edit documents of any type across devices. And if users edit on one device, then the latest version of the document will be available across all devices, including iOS devices, Macs, Windows PCs and icloud.com.

Improved Spotlight

Spotlight in iOS 8 is no longer limited to local search. It enables users to search for Apps, news, music and films etc. on the Internet. It can also detect context and location to improve the accuracy of search results.

New Photo App

The new photo app in iOS 8 enables users to browse pictures easily and quickly. Besides, the Photo app can automatically straighten horizons and allows users to adjust light and color of photos.

That is a quick preview of the top 10 new iOS 8 features.