Oct 182013

FaceTime is Apple’s video-chatting technology introduced with iPhone 4. It is one of the most remarkable features of iPhone, iPad and iPod. However, with iOS 7, the iPhone, too, has a standalone FaceTime app and is redesigned in line with iOS 7 design changes. In this article, we will see how to get start with FaceTime.

FaceTime Audio works internationally and works on a Wi-fi network, or on a cellular connection. Using Facetime Audio sounds nicer than actually using the iPhone to make calls because FaceTime Audio sounds deep, and closer to the actual sound of the voice and it is associated with your Apple ID and phone number and is built right into the core operating system.

How to Use FaceTime on Apple Device?

Now, we will have a look at how to use FaceTime for Audio Calls.

1. Turn on FaceTime. Go to Settings -> FaceTime and turn FaceTime on.

2. Login with your Apple ID and pick the email addresses to use. (If you’ve already set up iMessage, you’ll be offered the email addresses you have already connected to iMessage to use with FaceTime as well.)

3. From either the new FaceTime app in iOS 7 or the Contacts app, navigate to the person of interest. You can also trigger it from the dialer after a voice call has started.

Note: In the Contact page is a button called FaceTime on the bottom right. You need to contact each person and find out what their specified FaceTime address is and then enter it on the Contacts page.

4. There are two ways to FaceTime someone. First, you can simply call them as your normally would and then tap the FaceTime icon when it lights up after the call connects.

5. Or you can browse through your iPhone address book, find the person, tap on them, and tap the FaceTime button (it looks like a small camera) on their page in your address book.

6.  If the person on the other end receives the call, the session will start. From now on, a FaceTime movie camera icon will appear next to that address or number to alert you that this is a valid FaceTime address.

7. End a FaceTime call by tapping the End button on the bottom of the screen.

Moreover, now in iOS 7 you can initiate an audio-only FaceTime call with other iOS users and add and remove blocked contacts in FaceTime. For more iPhone tips, click here.