May 232016

“I have no idea about how to repair Windows 10 system from a professional Windows system repair disc. Can you teach me how to do that?” To that case, we can learn how to fix in details as below.

Easy to use Windows 10 automatic system recovery

Step 1: After Windows10 system error, not necessarily need to reinstall the system, it can be used directly by Windows10 to repair the system, namely Windows 10 RE function.

Step 2: Windows 10 RE system can restore, repair and other functions, and can recover the computer without loss of documentation, or to delete all data, initialize the system.
Step 3: Three methods to start Windows 10 RE :

① Hold down the shift and select “Reset”, the disc will be able to enter the Windows 10 RE page.

② Another way is more than a few press F8 to boot into the disc into Windows 10 RE.

③ will pop up when you cannot reboot “Recovery Interface”, select the “Show Advanced Repair Options” can enter.

Step 4: The collapse of the system using Windows 10 RE uninstall updates. Enter Windows 10 RE, then select the “Troubleshooting.”

windows 10-14

Step 5: After entering the page, see “Uninstall Preview Update”, and then dismounts the disc to update patch.
Step 6: Using Windows 10 RE reinstall Windows 10 systems. On here to use u disk or CD-ROM boot Windows10, Windows 10 need to download the image.

Step 7: Select “Next.” Then select the “Repair your computer.”
Step 8: On here, after starting to Windows 10 RE page, select the “Troubleshooting” and then see the “Use this media to reinstall” and then OK.
Step 9: According to the page and then prompts installation can be friends has been down.

How to create a system repair disc in Windows 10

Windows10 system, backup system itself to create a system image backup, when the backup to be completed, it will prompt: whether to create a system repair disc, if the computer is installed burner, requires a blank CD, blank CD into the drive the system prompts a system repair disc then come out.

In actual operation, the same can’t restore this disc repair system, using Windows 10 system image produced by the launch of U disk or burn a CD-ROM, when about to start the installation proceeds to the fifth step, click Repair your computer, you can enter the reduction step.

How to use Windows Boot Genius to create Windows 10 system repair disc

Windows Boot Genius is the powerful tool that can help us fix the case of Windows 10 system disabled in quickest way. See more as below.

windows boot genius

Step 1: Download and install Windows Boot Genius on the accessible computer that you have prepared.
Step 2: Running Windows Boot Genius on your computer, then insert CD/DVD or USB disk to burn the tool on it.

Step 3: Click “burn” to burn the tool on CD/DVD or USB disk. After that, insert the newly created Windows 10 system disk to fix Windows 10 system disabled.
Step 4: Following the detail guide to repair Windows 10 system in several minutes.

To repair Windows 10 system, the first step for us is to create Windows 10 system repair disc. After that, you can use the disc to repair Windows 10 disabled system easily.