Apr 282013

Would you mind that someone log into your Windows 8 and check your information? To protect Windows 8 on PC, you need some secure ways to prevent others from accessing your Windows system without permission. Here I’d like to introduce 4 solutions for you to better protect your personal information on Windows 8.


Solution 1: Use traditional user account and password

Just like in the previous Windows systems, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. you can create a user account to protect Windows 8.

1: Go to the Windows 8 Start Screen, and click “Settings”, “Change PC settings”.

2: Click “Users”, “Add a user”, and “Sign in without a Microsoft account”.

3: Click “Local account”, type a new name, password, the password hint, click “Next”, and click “Finish”.

Solution 2: Use a Microsoft account

Microsoft account is a new way for users to protect Windows 8. It contains your email address and the password.

  1. Go to the Windows 8 Start Screen, and click “Settings”, and “Change PC settings”.
  2. Click “Users” and “Add a user”.
  3. Enter your email which you frequently use, click “Next” and “Finish”.


Solution 3: Create picture password

The picture password is also a new way Microsoft offers to Windows 8 users to better protect the new system. It is said that this new way is much more secure because it is harder for others to guess what the password is.

  1. Go to “Control Panel”, “User Accounts and Family Safety”, “User accounts”, “Make changes to my account in the Settings App”,
  2. Click “Users”, “create a picture password”.
  3. Confirm with your local account or Windows 8 Account password and click “OK”.
  4. Choose a picture, draw three gestures and confirm it to set up picture password.


Solution 4: Create PIN Logon

PIN Logon is another new way to protect Windows 8. It consists of 4 digits as your password.

  1. Go to Setting panel and display the PC Settings page.
  2. Click “Users”, “Create a PIN”, and type your current password
  3. Enter your PIN and confirm it.

With the above 4 ways to protect Windows 8 on your PC, you can put your heart at rest. However, you yourself may forget password and can’t log into Windows 8. You can use Windows Password Recovery Tool to help you reset lost password and regain assess to your PC.

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