Jun 092013

When you got an iPhone in hand, you may be very excited at the very beginning. Undoubtedly, as one of the high-quality smartphones, Apple’s iPhone would take you to experience wonderful trips by using the great functions. However, you may find it disappointed that sometimes, your iPhone can’t make calls by receiving the message “Call failed”. What to do when you met such a boring problem.

Below are some tips for you to fix this problem.

  1. Put your iPhone into airplane mode and turn it off again quickly. This is helpful to fix the problem when your iPhone call failed on ATT, especially when you need to make a call but it keeps dropping the calls.
  2. Restart your iPhone and head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If your iPhone calls fail due to the network, you can have a try with this method.
  3. Open you iPhone and go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID. And then switch this to “ON”. This sometimes can do a lot of help when you suddenly got stuck and can’t make any calls.
  4. Go to ettings > Phone and turn off “Call Forwarding” and “Call Waiting” if tip 3 cannot work.
  5. Close some apps on your iPhone. Too many apps on at once will do harmto your iPhone and cause your iPhone into a corruption, which will lead to your iPhone call failure too.
  6. Reset your iPhone to factory settings. When your iPhone drops calls, it may also jump into a crash. If this always happens, the good advice is to to reset your iPhone to factory settings.  But you need to backup your iPhone before you do the factory reset, or the data on your iPhone will be lost. If you do make a backup with iTunes before, try iTunes Data Recovery to help you recover the lost files from iTunes backup. If you forget to back up your iPhone, stay calm. You can use iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover lost data directly from your iPhone without backup files.

You can pick up any of these tips to help you fix the iPhone call failure problem. To be added, there is another trick to help you avoid this issue effectively. That is you can turn your iPhone off every night for a while to reset and delete the cache that allows the memory to fill up.


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