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Sometimes, we are used to backup our iPhone data to computer incase data lost deleted. But we are not used to acquire how to find iPhone backup notes on Windows 8.1 computer. So on here, we can follow a simple program below to find the notes.

How  to find iTunes backup files in Windows 8

Step 1: If iTunes was open, then close iTunes first, then press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard, double-click the iTunes icon, there will pop up “Select iTunes Library” prompt.

Step 2: Point “Create Database”, will pop up a database to create the position of a window, where the computer selected to create, I am here to select the D drive, the folder name is: “iTunes”, Save as type: folder, others do not control , save point.

Step 3: The first not to open iTunes, the iTunes folder to the C drive all cut to just the new iTunes, and cover it needs to be noted that a single file to cut the entire iTunes folder, rather than inside.

Windows 8

Where to find Windows 8 iPhone backup files

Step 1: If it is a manual backup will be prompted to enter a file name when a backup, if you forget the name of the file, locate the file on my computer to (shortcut key: Win + F input * .gho, can be found within the computer all the image file).

Step 2: If using software for automatic backups, currently the most widely used is MAXDOS, z MAXDOS prompts when installing automatic backup files are installed under which the letter.

Step 3: Select the letter, which the system automatically creates a hidden folder: maxbak, after automatic backup system image file will be saved in this folder (you want to locate the file you want to cancel the system hidden attribute method: tools – folder properties – View – will “Hide protected operating system files” and “Do not show hidden files and folders in two cancel” to see).

How to use iPhone Data Recovery to find iPhone backup data

iPhone Data Recovery is such a powerful software that can help us fix all common issues on iPhone. It can help you recover all data in shortest time.
iphone data recovery
Step 1: Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your iPhone to computer, click “trust” to connect.

Step 2: Running iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. First to scan your iPhone, after this process finished, choose the notes files that you want to recover.
Step 3: Click “recover” and choose the destination that you want to keep these notes.

You can choose one of these guide to find iPhone backup notes on Windows 8.1 computer. If there is something wrong for you to do that, you can leave your question on our site comment section, we will fix that case immediately.

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